BITE /bīt/


Verb. to cut, wound, or tear with the teeth:

Archaic. to make a decided impression on; affect.

Slang. to rip off another person's style, especially with respect to music or fashion; from early hip-hop culture.


BITE THIS is a collective I’ve been thinking about starting for a really long time, but never thought it would actually be possible to make a reality. This isn’t a record label, this isn’t some giant conglomerate EDM Machine trying to take over the universe, this is just my vehicle for being able to put out MY music, the way I WANT to, and most importantly a way for me to help shine light on the artists around me who are so talented and haven’t been heard or seen by the world yet. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help and guidance of so many artists, labels, collectives and the like - so I always promised myself that once I got to a certain point in my career or life, that I would do whatever I could to repay that very thing back to as many kids who deserve it as possible. The truth is though, that “certain point” never really comes. Like everything in life, there’s never gonna be a “right time” for this or for anything that you want to make happen, so you just gotta say “fuck it” and go for it.

And that’s the mantra of BITE THIS. A group of creative people, doing and making exactly what they want to, how they want to, with absolutely zero fucks given. Pushing boundaries, making magic happen, discovering new horizons and creating truly unique, fresh music and art on all platforms. We will create the trends, the sounds, the styles that people will take inspiration from, or in other words, bite. See what I did there?

If you’ve been a Jauz fan forever, if you’re new to the game, if you only know what BITE THIS is because one of your new favorite artists is a part of it, or if you just somehow found this website completely on accident, thanks for checking us out. Stick around a bit, listen to something new, try something different. You might be pleasantly surprised.